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Here is a list I have compiled of terms used in baby wearing, on boards and forums for baby carriers, in selling and trading, and in blog posts. I had a lot of help in completing this list, from several baby wearing facebook groups, websites, and friends. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the help in this.

I will be doing a second post tomorrow with baby carrier photos, showing a few examples of different types of carriers.

Carrier Style Terms

ABC – Asian-style baby carrier
MT – mei tai
SSC - soft-structured carrier
GSW – German style woven (wrap)
Onbu - onbuhimo
Pod - podaegi, podegi, podeagi, or a pod style carrier like a peanut shell
RS – ring sling
HR - head rest
HB - Half Buckle

FB – Full buckle
LE - Limited Edition

WCMT - Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
WCRS - Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

WAHM – Work at home Mom (this carrier was hand made by a mother who works from home)Rails - A Woven Wrap has a centre (usually shown with a marker or tag) so that you can line your wrap up to your body as needed.  The Wrap has 2 sides or edges called “rails.”  These rails are referred to as the TOP rail or the BOTTOM rail depending on how you are holding your wrap.  It is easiest to differentiate these rails as you wrap when your Woven Wrap has 2 differently coloured edged (rails) so you may want to look for that when purchasing your first Woven Wrap.
WEFT – Base color

Wrap Sizes

size 2 - 2.7 meters
size 3 - 3.1 meters
size 4 - 3.6 meters
size 5 - 4.2 meters
size 6 - 4.6 meters
size 7 - 5.2 meters
size 8 – 5.6 meters

Selling/Buying Terms

BN – Brand New
bump – Contentless post made for the purpose of “bumping” a thread to the top of the foru
EUC – Excellent Used Condition
FFS- Free For Shipping
FSOT – For Sale Or Trade
FS – For Sale
FT – For Trade
FA - For Auction
GN - Gender Neutral
GUC – Good Used Condition
HTF - Hard To Find
IHA - I Have Available (usually refers to trade items)
IRL - In Real Life

ISO/IDSO – In (Desperate) Search Of
MMAO - Make Me An Offer
NIP – New In Package*
NWT – New With Tags
NWOT – New Without Tags
OOAK - One Of A Kind
PM – Private Message
PP – PayPal
PPD – Postage Paid Domestic (shipping cost is included in price)*
BNIB - Brand New in Box

Carrier Positions and Methods of Tying (Wraps)

BWCC- back wrap cross carry
BWCC w/ CB- back wrap cross carry with a chest belt
CHCC – coolest hip cross carry
RHC - Robin's Hip Carry
DH - double hammock (aka chunei back carry)
FCC - front cross carry
FFO – front facing out
FWCC- front wrap cross carry
HCC - hip cross carry
JBC – Jordan’s back carry
P-WCC - pocket wrap cross carry
T2T – Tummy-to-tummy, also called snuggle hold
WCC - wrap cross carry
TC - Taiwanese carry
WPBC- Wiggle-proof back carry
RR - Reinforced Ruck
DRS2S - Double Rebozo Shoulder 2 Shoulder (chest belt variation)
DR - Double Rebozo
RRRR - Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack Carry
SHBC - Secured High Back Carry
TT - Tibetan tie
TIF - Tied in front

Carrier Brands:

AP – Angelpack
BB - Bara Barn or Beco Butterfly
BB1 - Beco Butterfly I
BB2 (or BBII) - Beco Butterfly II
BBO - Ball Baby Overall
B'roo – Bamberoo
BH – Babyhawk
BHT - Baby Hemp Tai
BHXT - Babyhawk Extra Tall
DC - Dream Carrier
Didy - Didymos

E2E - Eye 2 Eye
ER or Ella – Ellaroo
FH – Freehand
Gira – Girasol
GMBBB - Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze (now known as Wrapsody Breeze)
GMBBS - Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch (now known as Wrapsody Stretch)
Hopp – Hoppediz
KC – Kindercarry
KP – Kinderpack
KS- Kleinsmekker
LD – LovelyDuds
Nati – Natibaby
NB – Neobulle
NHT - Nurslings Hemp Tai
MTB – Mei Tai Baby
O&A - Olives & Applesauce
OB – OliviaBolivia
OMT - Octi Mei Tai
POC - Piece of Cloth
SB - Sakura Bloom
SBP - Sleeping Baby Productions
SW – Sleepywrap
SMT - Simply Mei Tai
Storch – Storchenwiege
TH – Toddlerhawk
UMC – Ultimate Man Carrier
Vat – Vatanai
MS - Mei Secret
WS – Wrapstar
WSMT – Wrapstar Mei Tai
WSWC – Wrapstar Wrap Conversion
Zara - Type of Ellevill woven wrap
SPRS - Sweet Pea Ring Slings
ER - Earthy Rainbow Girasol
FH – Freehand
GM - Gypsy Mama

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