Babywearing Adventures - Wrap Conversion Mie Tie!

Posted by Tracey Valade on Thursday, July 4, 2013 Under: Product Review
Today my friend Christine came over and turned my silk blend 4.5 meter DIY wrap, into a Wrap Conversion Mei Tie! HEre are come photos to commemorate the event!

In this first collage, we're cutting the wrap into strips (3 - bottom straps, 4 top straps) and cutting our panel (in 2).

And then, we sew it together! 2nd photo  of the top collage shows the length difference in the top (longer) straps and the bottom straps!

And once it's done... we wear! Charlotte was worn before the final touches ( sewing ends off and re-enforcing stitches) and my almost 6 year old got to try it out after they where done. Finally something with a tall enough panel to wear him again, anf bonus, tandem wear the two of them!

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