Bummis Pre-Order And New Products!

Posted by Tracey Valade on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 Under: Announcements
Bummis Pre-Order!
There are way too many things to do this as photo listings. So here is what we're doing this time.
Go here: http://www.darolottys.ca/online-store
Pick the items (including print/color and size if applicable) and make note of them. Then email message me with your order. I'll add it to a spreadsheet. When the order closes, I'll check to ensure the items are in stock still in the warehouse, then invoice you/send you a total in our message. I'll run the pre-order from today until March 18th, with money being due March 18th at noon latest! Order placed March 18th in the afternoon.
You'll notice there is also a small selection now of Mini Kiwi! Pocket diapers, inserts, as well as a couple other things. One of them being new 250ml reusable food pouches!
I'm going to run a special promo with this pre-order. All orders of $25 or more of at least 2+ items will get a free reusable food pouch, and if you purchase food pouches, it's buy 2 get one free! I'm also going to run this promotion for breast pads. If you buy 2 pairs of the reusable breast pads without travel bag, you get a pair free! You can find them under the Bummis Reusable Breast Pads, click the option without travel bag.
I also now have the option to order Mini Kiwi Laundry Detergent! I need at least 6-8 people ordering, they come in 2L jugs. Let me know if you're interested in PM. If I get enough to order a case I might do a giveaway for some samples! I can let you know price in PM. If there is a lot of interest I will add it to my lineup, as well as the whitener they have!

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