Customer Product Review #2 - Pikapu All-in-One Diaper

Posted by Tracey Valade on Monday, March 31, 2014 Under: Product Review
This is a review received by a customer who is currently testing a product we will soon carry, the Pikapu all-in-one one-size diaper. This has been unaltered by anyone other then the customer. Thank you.

"Our first run with the diaper was cut short to the new diaper christening The solids came off very easily and was rinsed away leaving no stains with little effort. washes up nice and drys very quickly, likely due to the material content. The double gusset creates a great comfortable fit (leaving little to no marks at the leg elastics, all while containing the mess). Our second run with the diaper ended up falling into nap time and was on the bum for just over 3 hours with the nap. No leaks, and when changed the top layer still felt fairly dry, keeping baby's skin nice and dry. It also could very easily held more liquid despite having absorbed quite a bit as noted when rinsing. It is crazy easy to adjust and put on. Cory was the one to put it on both times and he said he liked that it was all in one and he did not have to worry about finding all the pieces and putting them together. The hook&loop makes it as 'easy as a disposable' to put on. For our trial run we were very pleased with the performance and fit. Will be looking to add a few to the stash as our 22 pound girl has room to grow in it and it had two settings smaller it could go. Great for newborn right up to potty training." Thank you for your honest and great review!

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