Customer Review #4 - MioClean Laundry Detergent & Pikapu AIO Diaper

Posted by Tracey Valade on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Under: Product Review
Pikapu one-sized AIO diaper, used on Char (2years, 32lbs) and Abbie (1yr, 28lbs). First off - I love the charcoal colour!! It's amazingly cute, and is perfectly GN. C; had diaper on for almost 3hours (out of the house, combination of walking and sitting in the stroller), it held up amazing! No leeks - LOVE the double gussets, no compression moisture on the cover - amazing! A; the "heavy-wetter", had it on 2 separate times, once for an hour during the day (thank you perfect fit for containing what lesser brands would have called a full "blow-out"), and the second time - overnight. I was leery atfirst, as she has a tendency to be a "super-soaker" at night, but much like with C, no leeks, no compression, no redness or tenderness where the elastics fall on her legs (chunky monkey often has issues with elastics being restrictive). It came clean after wash, and dried in record-timing! (faster than light-weight fitteds!) Overall, it was an amazing diaper, a certain 10/10! And I look forward to adding one (or more) to our stash!
Laundry Detergent CD: When used with cloth diapers (rinsed), Originally used with 2 Tbs/load for the first load, but noticed residue-feeling on cloth, so reduced to 1 Tbs/load. It is scent-free, leaves diapers clean, without overpowering commercialized scents, and the risk of scented chemical residue absorbed in fibers (scent-free-home). Clothing - After switching to 1-Tbs/load, left clothing clean, scent-less (yay!) and removed stains, (ranging from chocolate to spaghetti sauce), also helped lighten older stains. Whites look brighter, colours remained the same (*have not tried on darks*) I would love to know more about the product, pricing/amounts available, etc. Would love to continue to use it!

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