Featured Product of the Week - Maman Kangourou Aussie

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Featured Product of the Week
Maman Kangourou Aussie (The Pouch)

Sizes x-small to x-large, comfortable, compact and practical, curved seam for the baby's ergonomic support, short baby wearing periods, 4+ positions.

Price: $68.00 for Regular size, $73.00 for plus size

The easiest baby carrier on the market, wear it like a shoulder-belt. No rings, wrapping or ties to adjust. Just slip baby in. Available in sizes x-small to x-large depending on size of wearer. Comfortable, compact and convenient form. Can be used with babies from newborn up to 16 kg (35lbs), depending on your capacity. Perfect for breastfeeding.


*NEW* These colours are available for purchase in plus size for a small additional cost. Contact us for more details!


Includes the instruction manual and dvd.


Finding your size

The pouch size is determined according to the size of the wearer, not the baby. To find your size, measure the distance between the top-end of your shoulder and your opposite hip. The pouch should feel snug at first. The fabric will stretch to accommodate your growing baby. Also, in the tummy-to-tummy and hip positions you will be more comfortable if your pouch is tight enough to keep your baby very close.

If you are between two sizes we recommend that you opt for the smaller of the two.


Your size


Inches (in)

19.5" - 22" - size XS
22." - 24." - size S
24" - 27" - size M  
27.5" - 29.5" - size L
29.5" - 31" - size XL 


Centimeters (cm)

50 - 56 - size XS
56.5 - 63 - size S
63.5 - 69.5 - size M
70 - 75 - size L
75.5 - 78 - size XL


Keep in mind :

Measure the distance between the top or your shoulder and your opposite hip.

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