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Posted by Tracey Valade on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 Under: Announcements
Over th elast week and a half we've updated with new products!

Last week I updated the entire line of Kawaii products including adding some new things, updating stock and put up the pre-order sale!

The last two days, I've add Maman Kangourou back to our website, including 15 products now available for you to purchase! Including baby carriers, doll carriers and car stickers! They've now released their own line of woven wrap and woven ring slings, updated some old carriers with new colors and added the African Kanga carrier to their selection, and a coiuple items from the World Carriers collection. Go check it out!

I'm meeting with a rep from MK sometime very soon to try out some of the new items myself! But, I can tell you this, The Asiatik is amazing. I owned one for my daughter and a friend ended up buying it from me before I had my twins. I miss that thing everyday and may just have to buy another one now, and maybe grab a kanga or pouch sling for the diaper bag!

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