New Website & Kawaii Baby Pre-Order

Posted by Tracey Valade on Monday, May 16, 2016 Under: Announcements
Hey guys!

Have you seen the changes on the website? What do you think of the new colors and layout? Let us know!

And until Friday the 20th, we've got a pre-order on Kawaii running! Pre-folds and inserts available, as well as pockets and covers see the photos attached and check out our Facebook for more details or send us an email, phone call, etc...
Not sure if they're good? Well, I jused used a HEavy Duty and an Origional Square Tab, double stuffed, for my 14 month old twins, and we went to Ottaw anad back before they needed a change, with a one hour stop for an appointment between the car rides! Each had a microfiber and a bamboo insert in the diaper, and they were awake the whole way there and during the doctor visits, sleeping on the way home. So how's that for sturdy leak-free diapering!

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