Product Review #5 - Ergo baby carrier

Posted by Tracey Valade on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Under: Product Review

Darolotty's Product Review #5

Ergo Original Baby Carrier

Pros: This is one of my go-to carriers. I have the Ergo Original in Black & Camel.(That's me and my little one in the photos!) I love the easy carrying on front or back, love the hood and zipper pocket and love the easy on and off buckles. It fits me, my 7 year old daughter, my 90 pounds younger sister, and many other shapes and sizes. You can get a waist strap extender, teething (suck) pads and infant insert, to meet your needs. I love the variety in this carriers colour and pattern choices and it's for organic and sport options for versatility of the carrier brand. It carried up to 40-45 pounds. Did I mention it has a zipper pocket on the front? Oh and you can get a very useful pouch that attaches to it, as well as a backpack!

Cons: It can be hard until you get the hang of it to back carry yourself with younger babies. You also need an insert for newborns, what can cost more. It also is warm in summer in the opinion of some mothers. I also find the body itself shorter then some other carriers (though it is also longer then some) and therefor does not last as long with toddlers and older kids. Over all though I love this carrier. As with anything, I recommend trying a few carriers before deciding what one suites your needs best.

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