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Hi folks! This is a personal review of the LUG Kids Tuk Tuk carry all diaper bag. I recently went to the showroom to check out this new line for myself and loved it so much, I had to have one! My husband picked the Tuk Tuk out for me in midnight (black) and I loved it even more once I got home and really had a look. So here is a review of the features and a show of how much really fits. Once I use it for a couple weeks I can give a better review of performance! This bag is also available in plum, cranberry, ocean and grass (purple, deep red, blue and green).


This bag has a lot of really cool features! The first being, the fact you can fit an entire big wipe container in it, in it's own easily accessible pocket! YES that is a BIG plastic container!

Some other cool features are the straps. This bag has 2 strap options, and... a place to store the straps! It has the purse straps, the shoulder strap, and the stroller straps. The stroller and shoulder straps have a spot they can be tucked away when not in use, so they're not only not hanging in the way but not even visible!

The bag also comes with a change pad and wet bag! How cool is that? The change pad is a decent size the the included wet bag is about the size of an average travel wet bag, and has a draw string top.

Other awesome features include the amount of pockets, so many I found two after I put everything away, the easy clean bottom, the inside key ring clip, the front storage for your wallet (or in my case, snacks, card holder, pen, etc)  and the huge water bottle pockets on the side that I used for my nursing cover and ring sling!

And how many pockets is there? Well, there is one side with the wipes pocket, a small pocket ideal for change, and the storage pocket for the straps, as well as a strap to add things like hanging toys or a pouch for added space. There is a drink pocket (or ring sling pocket...) on each side on the outside. and on the front there is a nifty small upper pocket on the right, polus two open pouch style pockets, and one large middle front pocket that has zipper closing and two inner pockets, plus another smaller zipper pocket. On the inside, there is two open pockets and a midsized zipper pocket, plus the inside itself,  and of course the key holder.

Once we start using it, I also plan to try putting the stroller straps on my waist belt of my carrier to see how that feels, because the stroller strap is put together with clips instead of elastics like I see much of the time!

How much does it hold?

Being a mother of twins, I need something that will hold enough for two babies for a day, including changes of clothes, a carrier just in case, etc. So I emptied my entire bag contents out on the table (and I mean it was a big, custom made bag, because I couldn't find anything I liked with lots of pockets on the market here before...). My husband had doubt this new back would have the space for everything. So I put it to the test, and here's the result... it ALL fit and
I still have empty pockets!

Pictured above is the following contents...

  • large hanging toy
  • sunscreen
  • ring sling
  • 4 full pocket diapers
  • 1 full wipe container (that large one remember?)
  • 2 sleepers
  • 4 onesies
  • 2 recieving blankets
  • a hat, pair of socks and pair of scratch mittens
  • sunglasses for me
  • my full sized wallet
  • a bag with band-aids and such from a first aid kid, car charger, etc
  • a mini first aid kit
  • business card holder
  • pen
  • 2 snacks for me
  • pill dispenser for my vitamins and allergy meds
  • my keys & square card reader
  • bamboo paci and toy wipes
  • fast flat shoes
  • lip gloss
  • pack of gum
  • crayon roll with mini notebook
  • and a nursing cover!

Now, I only have 4 cloth diapers in the bag, but if you needed more space, there is the option to put a smaller wipe container in the front pocket instead of a large one, and put more diapers in there, too, so it's easily accessible. The change pad that came with the bag as well as wet bag are also in bag in an easily accessible spot, so when it comes time for diaper changes, it doesn't take 5 minutes to find what you need! Disposable diaper users could fit even more diapers, since they're more compact, like about 8-10! And there is still room for my phone in this, as well as a water or soda bottle for me or my other children!

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