Review by Customers #1 - Chimparoo Multi, Chimparoo Trek & Lillebaby Organic Complete carriers

Posted by Tracey Valade on Sunday, March 30, 2014 Under: Product Review
This is a review as submitted but a customer who was over to the head office yesterday and had the change to try out the 3 varieties of soft-structured carriers that we carry at Darolotty's. This is not in any way edited, or influenced, by Darolotty's owner. Thank you for the great honest review, dear valued customer! 

"I had the opportunity to try out the lillebaby organic complete, the Chimparoo Multi and the Chimparoo Trek with both a 12 lbs baby and a 40 lbs 4 year old. The Lillebaby was by far the softest fabric and easily converted from infant to toddler without any additional accessories. The additional neck support is a great feature, but I didn't like how the hood had to be up or dangled while it was in use. The sleep hood was easy to use and the padded waist was very comfortable. I could easily adjust the straps all by myself but they still seemed to grip well during wear. The straps however seemed not to adjust tight enough for me and though it is rated to 45 lbs, it didn't feel supportive enough for my 40 lbs child and I could not wear her for any length of time in it. The Chimparoo Muti was a bit of a disappointment for me. While it had all the same great features as the Lillebaby the fabric both the outer shell and the mesh fabrics were scratchy against my sensitive skin. The straps were more difficult to adjust by myself and were not nearly as comfortable, they tended to poke me where they connected to the webbing. However, the adjustable height of the carrier, adjustable strap length at the shoulders and extra pouch for keys make this carrier worth considering. The Chimparoo Trek was by far my favourite of the 3 carriers. While the organic cotton canvas is not quite as soft and flexible as the luxurious fabric of the Lillebaby, it was significantly softer than the Multi. It is plenty supportive for both my baby and my older child. It has the adjustable straps at the tops of the shoulders and the extra pouch for keys. While it is missing the extendable back and adjusting of the straps is a little trickier, I felt it was still tall enough for my 4 year old and fully adjusts for a custom fit. I also love that the hood can be fully tucked away when not in use."

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