Stripping Your Cloth Diapers

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Stripping Your Cloth Diapers

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“Stripping” cloth diapers means basically, removing everything from the diapers. Removing any infections substances, detergents, stool, urine, etc.

This is what is needed often to stop stink issues, or leak issues caused by build-up, when a cream or detergent that is not cloth friendly is used, or sometimes when you get used diapers (especially in cases where the the previous owner was a smoker, had pets, or used the diapers for multiple children, or shipped them from a distance) or when the diapers have been stored for a longer period of time, as would be between children. And occasionally, in cases of yeast infection when other washing methods are not enough to kill it.

I am going to list the methods I have tried, my results, and then a few other methods that have been suggested to me.

Stripping With Blue Original Dawn

This was the first method I used and for a long time, the only one I knew or suggested to others.

Please note that this is not recommended by washing machine manufacturing companies and could void the warranty on new machines.

  1. Remove all stool from your diapers.

  2. Rinse your diapers in the washing machine on a rinse cycle, in hot or warm.

  3. When it comes to the next fill, add 2-3 drops of Dawn.

  4. Finish cycle and check your diapers before they're rinsed again.

  5. Repeat rinses until there are no bubbles left.

  6. Dry as per usual. (Sun drying is best if possible. Remember to not put PUL in the dryer.)

Optional changes;

  • Instead of putting the diapers in the washing machine with the Dawn, put them in the tub. Let them soak in the Dawn, scrub inserts, then put in the washing machine and do as listed above.

Stripping With Essential Oils & Vinegar

This is a method I learned and tested towards the end of my cloth diaper days but it worked just as well, if not better then the Dawn method. It is also easier on your washing machine.

  1. Remove all stool from your diapers.

  2. Wash your diapers as usual.

  3. Repeat the full cycle, on hot (for both if possible) and add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil.

  4. Repeat another hot wash, adding white vinegar, about 1/4 cup.

  5. Dry as per usual. (Sub dry if possible. Remember to not put PUL in the dryer.)

Optional changes;

  • You can add Grape-seed Oil to your Tea Tree oil to kill yeast or other bacterias.

  • Add 1/3 of white vinegar instead of 1/4 cup if you're using tougher matierials like hemp or bamboo to soften them.


Here are some links to what some diaper companies have for suggestions on stripping your diapers.

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