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NEW! Weekly Special/Contests!

Posted by Tracey Valade on Monday, September 12, 2016, In : Announcements 
Hey fan!
We're feeling to need to give back and at the same time drive sales. So from now until December, every week we'll feature a new baby carrier, that you have a chance to win!

This is how it works; each week I select a baby carrier we retail (this week is the Chimparoo Ring Sling). If we sell 5 or more of that carrier, one of every 5 sold is free. The customer must purchase the carrier and once we hit 5 sold of the select item, one person receives a refund for the full purchase price!

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Car Seat Safety Guide

Posted by Tracey Valade on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, In : Educational 

About a year ago I posted a blog on car seat safety. At the time I was not a trained technician. Now I am! So I am posting a slightly updated, more informative blog to car seats! All the children's photos in this have been used with permission from the parents or guardians and I've removed some faces for privacy reasons. Feel free to ask me anything, or let me know if you need help installing your seats!


Rear-Facing – Infant Seat

Important thi...

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