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Posted by Tracey Valade on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Under: Announcements
Hello my lovely friends!

My explorer was not allowing me to post blogs for awhile, but I finally got it working, so here I am, back at it!

We're going to start regular blogs every week again! Starting with a blog post today!

We're in the midst still of transition, and as some of you know, currently the shop is moved into my house. Inventory is not full, but we do have lots, and even more sales and deals posted constantly. We're working ever day towards restocking all our lines, products, and even adding new lines to our inventory, moving into a bright, big space in the very near future (though we can't put a date on it) and it's exciting!

Another change happening, as some of you know as well, is the owner, myself, is having twins this spring! Due April 9th, likely to be March babies, so while we'll have regular hours they might change later on, we might hare some new staff, and you might see my little ones around after April! (Or my husband helping out!)

Right now, our sale is a Rememberance Day sale! Save $10 on Tango woven wraps by Chimparoo, or $2.00 off red covers and pail liners. Ask me or check out or facebook for details. Military familes also get a discount until Friday so make sure if you have a sibling, child, parents or other family member serving or who has served, get in touch and get the code for online orders before you hit pay.

And lastly, just a reminder! Cold weather is here in Ontario and Canada as a whole now. Remember, car seats and winter coats don't mix! These thick bulky items can cause a strap on a car seat to be much too loose in a collision when the coats compress. Take it off! Wear a sweater, fleece or put the jacket on like a blanket, have a blanket waiting in the car and if you can, warm the car beforehand. It might take an extra minute, but you and your child's lives are worth it. This also applies to after market products like head rests, strap covers, bunting bags that go behind the child, anything like this that didn't come with the seat and could interfere with the straps or tightness is NOT ok! Use blankets and a shower-cap style cover, put baby in a fleece outfit or sleeper. And always check it! Even big kids in booster should have thin layers and you should check to make sure the straps are in the right spot!

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