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Posted by Tracey Valade on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Under: Announcements

Hello everyone!

So many new and exciting things happening around here!

First off, I had to use a temporary laptop for a few weeks while mine was away for repairs. So for those waiting for news about the Great Cloth Diaper Change, we did it! We changed enough babies worldwide to set a new record! I'll do a whole breakdown in a blog post soon!

Some of you driving around town might notice the huge mounds of dirt and hard hat wearing workers around the SheConnex Studio where I set up shop. They're digging out and replacing our parking area to improve it. So in the meaning, all access is done in evenings when those hard hat wearing workers are gone, and we have very limited access. So, in the meaning, we're not doing any consultations or pick ups for orders in the shop, but we're able to meet anywhere else on the evenings to pick up orders, I can drop them off if you're close by, and we can arrange consultations elsewhere, or in my home.

As of the 15th however, we're losing the beloved SheConnex Studio. I'll be doing all business in the other side, right in beside Tracey in Red Wine Studio, at 412 Cumberland St. I am not sure how long this will be, as I may be moving the business entirely to my house, but we're going to try to keep the shop there at least for now! I'll keep you updated as things progress. The upside is we're going to try to work on a store front area, so customer can better see our products!

We've added some new ideas for shoppers to the line up. We've put up two starter kit packages, one for prefold users and one for pocket diaper users, that include carriers and wet bags. So go check those out! Be sure to tell your momma friends or soon to be! Also, for a limited time, we've got a sale on Lillebaby carriers. So check it out too.

And just a reminder, Darolotty's owner Tracey recently launched a Real Diaper Circle, and got her ceritifation as a car seat tecnician, so be sure to ask about those if you have questions! A new car seat safety blog and some new cloth diaper and baby wearing blogs will be coming your way real soon.

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