Updates on the Real Diaper Circle of SD&G and the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2016!

Posted by Tracey Valade on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 Under: Announcements
PSA from the Real Diaper Circle of SD&G: We're working on two new locations in town to offer evening, and/or weekend, workshops for you! In the meantime, be sure to join us February 11th at the Early Years Center for our regular Diaper Change Chat workshop, at 11am-12pm in the program room. This will be our last event there before the big move at the start of March for the EYC, so we'll update you with the new location information and new dates and times at the re-opening! They're moving to 130 Sydney Street between the Cornwall Square mall and the Cornwall Public Library, parking will be located in the rear of the building.

Also, I've recently had the chance to meet with the local MP, Guy Lauzon, to discuss cloth diapers. He loves the idea of a subsidy and is willing to help us get more public and media attention! He recently have a shoutout to the website on his facebook page with a photo of yours truly. He also suggested I contact the City Counellors reguarding a subsidy, so I did, and I already heard back from one within 12 hours! So things are on the move Cornwall!

Now, an update on the GCDC 2016!

We're getting some sweet treats! Mavis Roy is donating a cake for our event, and a few others are in the works for cupcakes and cookies! The MP is also attending and the Standard Freeholder will be following our event. We also recently discovered some local makers of natural parenting and skincare products and they will be donating some of the raffle prizes, including Ground Soap! We've also set up a mi-March interview with the Seeker newspaper so keep an eye out next month.

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