Washing & Caring For Wool

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Washing & Caring For Wool
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Washing and caring for
your wool longies, shorties and skirties can be a breeze. Fallow these guides and notes and you'll have no issues with your wool.


Below are three pictured guides to washing wool. The first is the Foaming Wool Wash method. I used Sheepish Grins Foaming Wool Wash. The next is a guide on how to wash with gentle soap and solid lanolin. I used Dial Sensitive liquid soap and Sheepish Grins solid lanolin. The third is a guide on how to wash with a wool wash bar. I used a wool was bar and solid lanolin from Sheepish Grins again. Feel free to ask me any questions about them. The best way to wash and lanolize wool is by hand. Instead of a bathroom sink you can also use a laundry sink,kitchen sink, clean bucket or large bowl. You can lay wool flat on a mesh sweater drying rack, table, counter, or in these cases, I used my bathtub then moved them to the counter when we needed to use the tub for washing ourselves, lol. DO NOT put wool in the dryer as it will cause felting. you can use a washing machine on gentle cycle, but that is for another post!

Remember, lay it flat to dry! Hanging it can cause it to lose it's shape and be too big. Drying in the dryer causes felting.

When the woolies are dry, just store with your other diaper covers and diapers. You only need to do these washing and lanolizing techniques every so often, not every time they are worn. You should wash them about once a month, or when they smell or get soiled or dirty from playing/dropping food. If you find they leak, you can do a dry lanolize, what I will be explaining in another wool wash and care post soon! You can use lanolin spray as well, if you can get your hands on it!

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