Washing Cloth Diapers with a Front Load Washing Machine

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Tricks and Tips – Washing Cloth Diapers in Front Load Machines

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It is something I hear about all the time, the troubles of washing cloth diapers in front loaders. So I reached out to my cloth community, and of course, the ladies are willing to share advice!

Here are some things that are commonly said to help with washing in front loaders, thank you to all the lovely ladies who helped! (We Luv Cloth, Cornwall Cloth Diapers & Ottawa Cloth Diaper Swap & Sell FB groups!)

  • Add more water to the machine through the soap dispenser. Some mothers pour it in after removing the cup, others connect a hose from the utility sink.

  • Experiment with detergents and follow the recommendations. May mothers find they actually use the same as a small load of clothing, instead of using less lie most do in top loaders. While Rockin' Green was popular, many other more commercial brands where also mentioned. As well, many followed the recommendations from the washing machine for a small load of clothing.

  • Throw in a wet load and towel to increase load weight. Many mothers found the diapers came out cleaner, after soaking the diapers and throwing in a wet towel, as it increased water levels.

  • Warm or cold water, and add extra rinses. Most people used at least one rinse after a warm/cold or cold/cold cycle. A few also did per-rinses, but it seems to depend on the machine itself. So play around if the warm/cold isn't working out with some more rinses.

  • Delicate Cycle. Many mother used delicate cycles for their diapers as it adds more water. This is not to say all, however, some just add more water themselves, and use a normal cycle.

  • White vinegar. Some mommas added vinegar to the load with the extra water.

I hope this helps those of you with front loaders who are stuck with not so clean diapers! Let me know if I missed anything! Cheers!

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