Darolotty's Lending Library

We have a small lending library available. We also offer you to try on any of our carriers in person.

We have  a Chimparoo Mei Tei (Meh Dai)  in Jazz, a Chimparoo woven Trek in Ocean, and a Chimparoo stretch wrap in Navy available for one week trials for a cost of $10.00. I also have 3 Lillebaby carriers, and would offer those out as well. 2 are Organic Complete carriers from the older line and one new Essencials all season. My husband has his own Complete all season and though he may not lend it, it may be available to try on and check out as requested. If you're set on trying something but the money isn't there right now, message us, and we can work with you on another idea.

We have a few other brands you're welcome to come try out as well to get an idea of what you want!


We offer the following workshops;

  1. Baby Wearing meets - This workshop runs about 2 hours long. It covers safe babywearing, different types of carriers, carrying positions and there is time to review and respond to any requests. This is not an event that is specifically for our store, but for our babywearing community! Individual consultations are also available.
  2. Cloth Diapering Workshop - This workshop runs about 1 hour long. We review different types of cloth diapers, quantity needed, washing and drying, price, and there is time to review and respond to any requests. We aren't currently running this workshop as we want to reinvent it and find a new location to better serve you. Private meetings are available or gatherings as requested.
  3. Child Car Seat Safety Workshop - Join us at a SEATS for Kids clinic or meet with us at Cornwall Car Seats for an individual check! It takes about 45 minutes for one seat and about an hour to hour and a half for 2 seats. We cover installation, as well as education and best practice. Presentations for events are always welcome too.

See the main page for the next date or two of these workshops! Want to host one at your house or workplace? Message me! 

Occasionally, social gatherings based on the curriculum of workshops are held at the owner's home, on an invitation only basis.

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